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9/20/15  10 am            


Sullivan Bowl Sullivan, Mo  






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Team Plaza Lanes Earns Team Show Down

Dwiggins Doubles Up  


 Barnhart, Mo April 1, 2015

The Southern Missouri Bowlers Tour rolled into Plaza Lanes in St Charles, Mo for what would be our 3rd annual Team Showdown as well as a double header for singles competition. With the closing of Dick Weber Lanes it was decided to make up Saturdays singles event during qualifying for Sundays Team Showdown with a separate option to enter the singles event 39 bowlers took there shot at the singles crown ,with a cash ratio of ¼ that meant 9 bowlers would go to the pay window. After 6 games of qualifying Jerry Dwiggins of Alton,IL would lead the way with a six game series of 1492 just enough to edge out Floyd Bush Jr of St Louis by a mere 3 pins 1492 to 1489. Other cashers to follow Lockport,Il PBA star Brian Valenta 3rd Adam Lowrance of Lebanon, Mo 4th St Charles, Mo Dwayne Stiegemeier 5th Arnold, Mo Jason Schaefer 6th John Marsala in 7th Bruce David in 8th And Sikeston, Mo Jeremy Hunt rounding out the cashers in 9th  

On the strength of his singles win Jerry Dwiggins led his team Plaza Lanes to the title and claimed our 3rd annual Team Showdown with the strength of Dwiggins 1492 Jason Schaefer 1458 Jeremy Boyer 1345 and team captain Ben Toben 1372 Team Plaza was able to hold on after a qualifying #1 Plaza lanes was able to post baker games of 204,264,287,266,220,254 for a total of 7162 to earn the title.

Other teams cashing were 2nd place team of 3 Rasins & A Pup led by team captain John Marsala ,Roy Adams , Tony Yarbrough and Kevin Williams. In 3rd was the team of Prestige Pools @ 7059 Led by team captain Jim Wagner, Ray Spink, Ej Parks and Dwayne Stiegemeier and rounding out your cashers was Team Jones led by Captain Terry Jones, Stacey Jones, Bobby Bonds and Mike Sapolis .

Derrick Matson still stands atop the point standings but with a strong showing John Marsala has closed the gap to a mere 50 points with Jason Schaefer in 3rd Defending Champion Tim Behrendt sits 4th with the biggest mover by virtue of his two wins this weekend Jerry Dwiggins now sits 5th. With 4 events still reaming on the schedule it’s down to a 6 man race for the crown.

Our next events will be the weekend of 5/16 and 5/17 with our annual Pepsi Shootout on Saturday then on Sunday will be our annual SMBT Doubles both events will be held @ Town & Country Lanes in Washington, Mo and we look forward to seeing every one there.




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Barnhart, MO August, 24th 2014 as the SMBT Presented By Brunswick kicked off its 4th season with its tour thru the “Show-Me State” this past Sunday @ Town & Country Lanes  in Washington, Mo. After a couple of seasons hosting our annual doubles event  as well as SMBT taking over the traditional Pepsi Shootout  Town & Country Lanes proprietor Lance Understall  decided to jump in with both feet securing sponsorship money and providing the host center to our season kickoff.

With a new season kicking off several new faces joined the tour to shoe up against our regulars but when it was all said and done it came down to a couple of regulars looking for their first titles. Dwayne Stiegman of Warrenton, Mo led the field after qualifying on the back bone of 22 strikes in a row in back to back games of 290, 294 but after match play it was Stacey Jones of St Louis, Mo who was able to win two of his matches and advance to the #1 seed by just a pin over Arnold, Mo Jason Schafer.

As the field was cut down following match play for a top 5 step ladder #5 seed Shea Bittenbender would face #4 seed Cameron Smith with Bittenbender advancing 201/196 to face #3 seed Dwayne Stiegman in a great match right to the end Stiegman would advance 238/234 to face Jason Schafer who continued to own the lanes in a 255/215 win over Stiegman and earn the right to face #1 seed Stacey Jones.

     In a match were Schafer allowed Jones a 10 min injury break after Jones developed muscle spasms in his forearm the same injury that forced him to forfeit in the middle of the last championship match he was in last season was about to forfeit yet again before Schafer in a true show of sportsmanship allowed Jones the chance to ice the forearm.

After a rocky start for Schafer that led to an early lead for Jones after he was able to open the match with nine spare and a string on strikes before a untimely 7/10 split in the ninth gave Schafer the chance to strike out forcing Jones to do the same but after leaving a 7 pin on the second ball of the tenth all Jones needed was spare and count to earn his first SMBT title  224/222 and in the process joining his father and becoming the first father son combination to win titles and keeping the last two events dating back to last season in the family.

We would like to remind bowlers about our upcoming events  as our next tour stop will be @ Farmington Fun Center in Farmington, Mo on Saturday September 20th  noon check in 1 pm start time ,Then the following day  September the 21st we will be @ Imperial Bowl in  Imperial, Mo with check-in at 9am with tournament play to begin @ 10am. For more information on these events or for information on any of our tour events as well as full up to date standings please turn your browsers to for all the latest information as well as to pre-register for any of our upcoming tournaments.

As always we would like to thank our great sponsors starting with Brunswick Bowling as well as Southern Missouri Bowling Supply .KR Strike Force,  Indiana Decal Company, Synergy Pro Shop and Custom Keepsake Jewelry without these great sponsors we would not be able to bring to you this great tour and we encourage each and every one to visit our great sponsors on the World Wide Web @, Synergy Pro Shop  as well as

Top Cashers from Town & Country Lanes

Stacey Jones Sr

Jason Schafer

Dwayne Stiegman

Shea Bittenbender

Cameron Smith

Derrick Matson

John Marsala

Ron Inman

Justin Hale
             Jason Woolem







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LEMIESZ Earns First SMBT Major Title  

Barnhart, MO March 1, 2014 Despite leading our tour points since the second tour stop of the year not much has stood in the way of current point leader Dan Lemiesz the former collegiate star has stood atop the standings since his first SMBT title in September @ Imperial Bowl but despite numerous top five finishes one thing had escaped and that was a win in a SMBT major.

As bowlers took to the lanes for the Red Bird Classic they were faced with a little different challenge today as for the first time on tour we used two separate patterns with the even lanes utilizing the Red Bird Lanes house condition then on the odd lanes a 34 ft 1.1 ratio short pattern. After conclusion of qualifying Lemiesz had made it be known he was out for his first major after averaging 226.375 for 8 games and earning the right to await the championship match.

  With Lemiesz on top defending tour champ Brad Miller took his shot at running the step ladder with a couple of nail biting matches with a 247 /244 win over Matt Cleveland then knocking out the Tim Behrendt who was on a streak of 5 second place finishes in a row 215/214 before opening up the tenth to lose to Steven Jarvis 246 / 211 in finishing 3rd. With Jarvis and Lemiesz set to square off in the title match Jarvis making his first appearance ever with SMBT got off to an early lead till leaving a 4/9 split then failing to double in the tenth opening the door for Lemiesz to fill the first two in the tenth and in the process move one step closer to that tour championship and earning his first major title.

We would like to remind bowlers that our next tour stop will be a double header the weekend of March 22,23 with a singles event on Saturday @ Plaza Lanes Then on Sunday our 2nd annual Team Showdown @ St Charles Lanes. For more information on these two events or any events visit us online . We would also like to thank our sponsors with our title sponsor Brunswick Bowling as well as Kr Strike Force , Synergy Pro Shop , Indiana Decal Company and Southern Missouri Bowling Supply .

Congratulations Don Griffin on winning Day 2 of the Twin City Shootout @ Concord Lanes defeating Tim Behrendt 207 to 203 in the title match. A huge shout out to Tim Behrendt on a phenomenal weekend leading the field into the title matches both days 2 300 games on a sport pattern and another 300 today one frame away from his first SMBT title congratulations and good bowling definitely class of the weekend. Also congrats to our 3rd place finisher Terry Jones with Jake Genz in fourth followed by Brett Shepherd in fifth. full results under live scoring page

Congratulations to Casey Murphy on becoming the first 2 time winner and back to back champion in winning day one of the Twin City Shootout @ Quonset Lanes Casey defeated a stellar field in earning his third points tittle fourth over all and his second major. Also great day to Tim Behrendt as he lead the field shot back to back 300 games just a little short in the championship match but phenomenal bowling all day on a shot that was not all that easy. Shout out to our top 5 as well Sean Swanson in 3rd Dan Lemiesz 4th and Shea Bittenbender in fifth good bowling to every one. Look forward to seeing everyone in the morning remember 9 am start time 

Congratulations to Johnny Brown on winning the 3rd annual Float City Classic for his first SMBT Tour Title. Johnny lead the field from the drop of the green today till the very end topping a great field in a very outstanding performance Good bowling to all the bowlers that cashed and thanks to everyone that came out and supported this event.Full results can be found on the live scores page

For Immediate Release


Young Earns First SMBT  Title  

Barnhart, MO December 15, 2013, after waiting a month SMBT has received a decision from USBC over turning the events from Sunday November 10th and in that decision Tyler Young has been reinstated as the winner of The Battle in the Ozarks @ Battlefield Lanes in Springfield, Mo.

As many of you know during the title match of that event the ball used during the step ladder had come under protest as to the static weights of the ball and there legality according to the USBC rule book. At the completion of the match the ball in question was confiscated and scaled and the decision to disqualify Tyler Young was made. Following that decision on November the 12th SMBT received word that the decision was being appealed and that we would be notified of any USBC decision. This past week we received a letter informing us that the decision to disqualify Tyler was being over turned and that he must be reinstated in reference to finishing position and to all monies earned. USBC decision was based on the fact that SMBT does not offer bowlers the opportunity to scale thier balls before any event. Also that the scale used must be certified to meet requirements of USBC as well as the person or persons scaling the balls.

  With this said as of December 15th Tyler Young is officially declared the winner of the Battle Of The Ozarks therefore earning his first SMBT  title as well as earning his first Major. The results as well as the points will reflect this decision and Tyler will receive first place money.

After the events that unfolded @ Battlefield it is the decision of SMBT  to revise our rule in retrospect to this situation. At this time we will allow bowlers to protest another bowlers equipment but all protests will have to be made before any game or match and will require a $25 protest fee this is to prevent the abuse of this rule if the equipment protested is found to be legal the bowler protested will receive the protest fee. If a bowler is found to have a ball that does not meet USBC guidelines that bowler will be given the opportunity to remove that ball from play immediately or make it right on the spot. Also at any time before any games or matches tournament director Thomas Rogers can request that a bowlers equipment be checked for legality.    

I hope this settles any questions and concerns of any and all bowlers.  I have spoken with both bowlers involved and both bowlers are satisfied with this decision at this time the rules of the game were followed and as our governing body USBC we will honor thier ruling.

Congratulations to Tyler Young as he bowled well all day on a very demanding condition also to Sean Swanson on his runner up performance as well as his professionalism in the way this matter was handled afterword. Congratulations to both bowlers as we look forward to our next event.    


Final Results Awaiting Decision from USBC   

Barnhart, MO November 12th 2013 This past Sunday’s event @ Battlefield Lanes came down to two bowlers that bowled tremendously all day on a very tough and demanding lane condition. Sunday’s event was billed as a major and lane conditions matched the event unfortunately sometimes things come into play all of us are not prepared for.

During our title match between tournament Leader Sean Swanson and #2 seed Tyler Young the two bowlers who traded the top spot all day squared off in a match that seemed to be won by Tyler Young 229/160 Swanson approached me in the 5th frame and asked me about a rule regarding static weights and then made an official protest of Young’s equipment. During the 6th frame Sean asked me if I was going to check Young’s equipment I informed Swanson that yes if he was requesting I check the equipment I would verify the equipment at the completion of the match. After the completion of the 7th frame Tyler Young locked up the match celebrated with a fist pump and high 5 I then informed Young about the protest and asked him if his balls were legal he assured me that they were as far as he knew and told me who drilled them and asked me to ask them. After the match was completed I confiscated both balls used during the match. Sean operates the pro shop inside Battlefield Lanes and provided me with a dodo scale to use were I personally weighed out the balls to find that the ball primarily used during the match a Motiv Primal Rage was found to exceed the USBC static weight limits of 1 ounce of negative side weight. At this time I went no further on the equipment and officially disqualified Tyler Young from the tournament awarding the title and first place money to Sean Swanson. My disqualification was based on the fact that it states in our rules and USBC rules that all balls must meet and cannot exceed the static weights as described in the USBC rule book.  

As of this writing and as of the completion of Sundays event in the eyes of the SMBT Sean Swanson is our winner of the Battle of the Ozarks. Tyler young will be placed last in the rundown and has forfeited all of the tournament prize money as I stated to the few bowlers that were still on hand the question of money immediately comes into play it is the decision of the SMBT that the second place money be placed into our point fund and distributed at the conclusion of this year’s tour. Being that 99% of the bowers had left the building this is the decision that I made. Also so that it is clear I am not touching the bracket situation if I was to blind Young out it would disrupt every single bracket that money will remain with Young as I personally do not think that he purposely brought an illegal ball with intent to cheat, Also we do not weigh balls before events and I along with many others also know that if I weighed every ball brought into the tournaments that Young was not the only ball over the USBC limits unfortunately to many guys get lazy and don’t check all weights. There will be rule amendment coming.

I was informed Monday that Tyler Young had filed an appeal and he has the right just as I gave Shawn the right to protest as of this writing no decision has been made USBC will investigate and make a ruling from what I am told that ruling will be final


With all this said I am going to go on record and say that I don’t believe that the equipment thrown by Tyler Young led to his win. This young man has a passion and love for this sport second to none. If half of the bowlers out there had his passion this sport would be in great shape. Tyler bowled the tournament of his life Sunday and I hope he comes back and wins again and gets the respect that he deserves. But with that said rules are rules and I feel I made the right decision to disqualify Tyler based on the facts I was presented with.

I also want to go on record and say Sean Swanson deserves this win yes he had a rough title match with a couple of early opens but he bowled well all day and was our tournament leader and it was up to Tyler to take that from him and he did not rules are in place for a reason to protect us from what has happened here and total chaos. Sean is a champion and felt bad about what transpired when he found out Tyler was disqualified he handed me $100 out of his own pocket for Tyler because he knew Tyler bowled well but he also knows what the rules are and handled the situation how he felt he should congratulations to both bowlers on bowling well all day  

            I am also acknowledging publicly I have contacted USBC and the decisions I made Sunday several of them were wrong. But my decision stands unless appealed.

First a bowler cannot be disqualified unless the bowler has knowingly knowledge that the ball was illegal.

 Two a bowler must protest the legality of a bowling ball before the match begins once the match has started a bowler cannot protest the bowling ball, if it is proven that the ball is out of spec scores remain but such equipment needs to come in spec before continuing use.   

Decisions are made quickly my mistake for not knowingly having firsthand knowledge of the rules in their entirety.  I did what I thought was the right thing to do.

I am also going to address a couple other concerns first off bowlers bashing of other bowlers and tournaments leads to one thing nothing and nowhere to bowl trust me this is the path we are all headed too if bowlers don’t stop being the reason and start being part of the solution support your local tournaments enjoy the sport we all love and remember it’s the passion for the sport that will make this grow not the money.

Also to clarify some of the bowlers who have contacted me or made comments on were the ball was drilled and this is from the horse’s mouth that ball was not drilled in any of my stores or by me but by two friends who love bowling but are young and untrained on how to properly drill stuff.

 This is the official decision of the SMBT and of Thomas Rogers tournament director for the Southern Missouri Bowlers Tour any and all comments or questions can be directed to me directly My cell # 314-686-2375 Business # 314-972-1000

For Immediate Release


Hunt Grabs First SMBT Title in Thrilling Fashion 

Barnhart, MO October 15, 2013 Sikeston, Mo Jeremy Hunt has been in position to claim SMBT titles before, matter of fact, he has been part of some of our most thrilling step ladder matches.  Including a thrilling run through match play then a run through the step ladder in last year’s Turkey Shootout that featured nail biting victories over guys named Murphy, Swanson, & Patton before a heart breaking missed 10 pin and loss to some guy named Mike Wolfe. Hunt has always been in the thick of things but that first title always seemed to elude the superstar from southern Missouri. As Hunt who has stood on the biggest stages in bowling around the world and is known worldwide for his role in promoting the Hammer brand as part of their video team proved why he is one the best from the Show Me State.

As the SMBT rolled into Lightfoot’s St Charles Lanes bowlers looked forward to a different approach of shot making as the typically used house shot was not in play on this day as with each and every visit we make to the former PBA tour titlist Randy Lightfoot’s bowling center. Scores were moderate nothing too hard but definitely off the pace of the high scores normally produced. As bowlers had to make accurate shots to produce the carry needed to lead this day. Current point leader Dan Lemiesz looking for his second title of the season led the field over Hunt with a 62 pin lead. Lemiesz had the luxury of being seated into the championship match.

In our first match of the day Shea Bittenbender and Kris Aldrich faced off with Aldrich advancing 257 / 206 in our next match Jacob Genz would face Aldrich in another tight match as Aldrich needing the first 2 in the tenth would deliver the first before a wash out on the second ball which would hand the win to Genz 213/211. Our semifinal match would see Hunt take the win 210 / 192 over Genz setting up our championship match between Hunt and Lemiesz.

Our championship match proved to be the best of our young season as Hunt and Lemiesz traded strikes in opening frames before single pins kept the game close as Hunt seemed to struggle with the 10 pin even leaving a  7/10 split in the 7th . After weak 10 in the 9th frame Hunt got up for the 10th knowing he had to have all three and proving why he is respected in the bowling world in a truly clutch performance made a huge move to burry all three and finally earning his first SMBT title 225/223 over current point leader Lemiesz.

With his runner up finish Dan Lemiesz continues to lead the SMBT tour points with Aaron Obrien in second perennial tour contender Derrick Matson is 3rd followed by a new bowler to the tour Shea Bittenbender with Tim Behrendt rounding out the top 5.

With the postponement of our tout events in Cape Girardeau our next event will be a double header weekend also featuring our first major of the year as we make our first ever visit to Springfield, Mo for our 1st annual Battle in the Ozarks. On Saturday November 9th we will be @ Enterprise Park Lanes $650 to win 6 games of qualifying followed match play and step ladder. Then on Sunday our first major of the year will be held @ Battlefield Lanes with $1,000 on top 8 games of qualifying followed by match play and step ladder. With any of our majors this event features increased prize money as well as double points. For more information on these events or for information on any of our tour events as well as full up to date standings please turn your browsers to for all the latest information as well as to pre-register for any of our upcoming tournaments.

As always we would like to thank our great sponsors starting with Brunswick Bowling as well as Southern Missouri Bowling Supply, KR Strike Force,  Indiana Decal Company, Synergy Pro Shop, Inside and Custom Keepsake Jewelry without these great sponsors we would not be able to bring to you this great tour and we encourage each and every one to visit our great sponsors on the World Wide Web @, Inside, Synergy Pro Shop  as well as

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